Inspired by the research carried out by a renowned ethnomusicologist, Alan Lomax, Howlin' Dogs present a repertoire that brings an overview of contemporary American folk songs of the last century. Historical recordings and transcriptions of these songs have been adapted to a new sound without overlooking their origin as the pillars of blues. These traditional songs, which had already resulted in multiple versions due to their oral transmission, have once again been casted into the present.

Now present their new album: Howlin'Dogs II


Smoking Bambino - Vocals
 Vocalist with a large career in folk, blues and rock. Leader of Dirty Club (Girona band with six albums released). Bambino has also composed and launched six solo albums.

Lluís Figueras - Guitar, Lap Steel & Dulcimer
 Guitarist with international experience, he has played in numerous Blues Festivals around the Continent with bands such as Rob Strong Band, Mary Stoke band, Boy Arnold or Eddy King. He is currently the lead guitarist of the Grateful Blues (Girona Band with 2 albums released).

Cheka - Drums
 Experienced drummer who has worked with Albert Plà (nationally renowned songwriter), he is also the drummer of the Dirty Club and the Radical Animal Beat. These bands have led him to play all around the country.

Popi - Bass
 Bassist in countless bands and known for his ability to adapt to any musical style. He is the bass in most of the recordings made in Girona province.

Enric Teruel - Electric & acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Hammond & Backing Vocals
 Guitarist, founder and arranger of Howlin' Dogs. He has worked as instrumentalist and arranger for Eybec (Girona new age folk, 1 album released) and Naisha (Girona band of traditional hindu music, 3 albums released). He has also composed several soundtracks for various audiovisual projects.